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Marriages: Oahu (1911-1929)      
King, Olive Mary - Robert McGreer 1-27-1912 Honolulu O-96(1):185
King, Rachel Kukaailani - 4-2-1929 Honolulu O-98(25):7
 Edward Daniel Quinn, Jr.      
King, Ralph Piikoi - 10-18-1925 Honolulu O-98(11):18
 Mildred Ayer Stafford      
King, Rose - Clemente Gaud 10-5-1923 Honolulu O-99(23):117
King, Samuel Wilder - 3-18-1912 Honolulu O-96(2):24
 Pauline Nawahineokalai Evans      
King, Stella - Herbert Wallace Beardin 1-27-1925 Honolulu O-99(30):13
King, T.G. - Minnie Vierieia 8-6-1917 Honolulu O-97(11):155
King, Thomas Edward - 5-31-1928 Honolulu O-87:166
 Hilda Rodrigues Carreira      
Kingsbury, Enid - Edwin Austin Peck 1-26-1929 Honolulu O-98(24):17
Kini, Emily See Lui, Emily E.      
Kini, Helen - Joseph Gahan 5-26-1928 Honolulu O-93(2):236
Kini, Helen - James Marsh 9-5-1912 Honolulu O-75:22
Kini, Joseph L. - Margarette Mohuahi 4-10-1917 Honolulu O-97(9):384
Kini, Margaret Richards - 10-31-1925 Honolulu O-98(11):28
 Joseph Santos Fernandez      
Kini, Robert - Julia Kinoulu 3-4-1922 Honolulu O-99(11):213
Kiniakua, Hattie - David Kaaihue 10-22-1921 Honolulu O-99(7):157
Kiniakua, Waikuaala K. - 3-31-1921 Honolulu O-99(4):91
 Daniel K. Hoolapa      
Kinikaho, Alice - Harry Kinney Sin 8-3-1922 Honolulu O-99(14):5
Kinikapo, Henrietta See Hilo, Henrietta      
Kinikapu, Henrietts K. - John Brown 6-29-1929 Honolulu O-93(4):295
Kinilau, Benjamin - Kaimihana Tagawa 8-29-1918 Honolulu O-97(16):372
Kinilau, Edward - Emma Spencer 10-31-1914 Honolulu O-97(1):96
Kinilau, Julia - William Meyers 3-25-1922 Honolulu O-99(11):290
Kinimaka, Adrian Percy - 11-3-1928 Honolulu O-87:238
 Teresa Louise Hina Andrews      
Kinimaka, Annie See Miciano, Annie P. Kinimaka      
Kinimaka, Helen Kamalu - James Kahele 2-24-1925 Honolulu O-99(30):78
Kinione, Antonia - Johnny Rodrigues 7-21-1917 Koolauloa O-80:127
Kinley, Josephine H. - Louis S. Cain 7-16-1925 Honolulu O-99(33):54
Kinnear, Eunice - Samuel T. Burns 6-23-1924 Honolulu O-99(26):119
Kinnear, William - Josephine Shellhorn 12-26-1924 Honolulu O-99(28):172
Kinney, Anna - Frank Robello, Jr. 10-3-1918 Honolulu O-97(17):145
Kinney, Cark Kahulimoku - 10-22-1926 Honolulu O-87:70
 Rose Kahaleohu Keohokapu      
Kinney, Catherine - 1-26-1929 Honolulu O-92(3):11
 George Mansfield, Jr.      
Kinney, David K. - 2-7-1914 Honolulu O-86:600
 Miulang Valentine Kintaro      
Kinney, Ewa L. - G. Floyd Perkins 2-11-1918 Honolulu O-97(14):201
Kinney, Genevieve Louise - 9-4-1924 Honolulu O-99(27):143
 William Allen Randall      
Kinney, Genevieve Louise See Saurin, Genevieve Louise      
Kinney, Genevieve Louise - 11-12-1924 Honolulu O-99(28):62
 William Sylvester Runkle     O-101:30
Kinney, George Gates - Harriet Collins 7-27-1927 Honolulu O-93(1):127
Kinney, George K. - Helen (Kaea) Kikaua 3-5-1924 Honolulu O-99(25):137
Kinney, Katherine - William Yim 9-19-1924 Honolulu O-99(27):180


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